Local Marketing Tips

Just because you decided to sell your home as a FSBO doesn’t mean people will automatically show up at your door. While online listing services help market you to the world, physical marketing and identification of your property advertises it to the immediate area.

Yard Signs

You see these all the time in front of houses that are for sale by Real Estate companies and brokers. They are high off the ground (at eye level), colorful, and attract attention. After all, that’s why Realtors® use them, because they work! If you are going to present your home for sale in the same professional manner and expect to get the same attention and traffic as others in your area, you should consider spending a bit of money to get a similar type of signage.

That doesn’t mean having a post professionally installed and a durable, re-usable 2-sided metal sign made up. There are plenty of versions directed at the ‘For Sale By Owner’ market. Some are smaller and only sit a foot or two off the ground, but they still convey the same message.


Along with your yard sign, you should have an information ‘tube’ or holder to place your flyers in. Why do I need flyers? Well, let’s start with the obvious, it gives people driving by a quick ‘data sheet’ regarding your property. Most importantly, it contains your contact information.

Take a look at other flyers, either online or at other homes for sale. Make sure yours has a couple of photos. the price of the home, a list of amenities and upgrades, and any information a potential buyer may need to decide if your property is something they want to come back and look at more closely.


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